Learning Pioneers 2.0
Learning Pioneers 2.0
Becky Carlzon

Welcome to Learning Pioneers 2.0

Teacher-empowered professional learning.

About Me

We want you to feel empowered, in control, in the driving seat of your professional learning journey. 

Learning Pioneers is an international learning community of creative, open-minded educators. We navigate a journey of learning together; interviewing leading educational thinkers and, through provocations, rich dialogue and conversations we embed their expertise into the DNA of our classrooms and schools. 

Why You Should Join Me

Laser-sharp focus

Through learning with and from the world’s leading minds and plotting with the world’s leading practitioners you will get through the annoying paperwork in a breeze because you’ll be so focused on and excited about the learning in your classroom.

Unrivalled enthusiasm

Do any of your colleagues moan? Drain your energy? Become immune to their frustrations as you become infectiously excited about your practice. You never know, they might even join you for the ride!

Become a change-maker

From your classroom feel empowered to make the changes you’ve always known were right - Guided by the world’s leading experts; driven by your wisdom. Become bulletproof in your practice.